Toruń is the birthplace of Copernicus, the man who 'stopped the sun and moved the earth' - in other words he formulated theory that put the Sun in the centre of the Solar system (however, Milky Way and Mars candy bars do not have anything in common with that). This theory proved to be quite important - it revolutionaized human knowledge so much that Copernicus is considered one of the most influential scholars in world's history. Toruń is a beatiful town dating back to the 13th century with many elegant Gothic buildings that you can see today. Toruń is also an excelent starting point for short trips to medieaval castles and towns of northern and central Poland.  


24 Legionów Street,  87-100 TORUŃ  tel./fax +48 56 622 38 55  e-mail

Hotel's manager: Grażyna Kędzierska.



Guest house situated in the city centre offers 65 good quality places in single, double, three and four bed rooms for low prices.



       PTTK Guest House in Toruń      FOTO R. KREPEL.

Our advantages are :  

·   aattractive location in the city center (10 minutes walk from the Old Town),

·   discount rates for visitors staying for several days,

·   discount rates for groups of visitors,

·   convenient bus connection from and to the main railway station,

·   many years of our professional experience,

·   our hotel is opened all year round and the reception desk is opened 24 hours a day.

All rooms are equiped with sinks. Bathrooms with showers are available on each floor. Reception is opened 24 hours a day. Hotel day begins at 15.00 and  lasts till 11.00 the following day.

       Reception                                       four beds room        



                      double room                                     three beds room

                                                                                                          Fot. Z. Grabowski.

Toruń and its surroundings, Piast and Copernicus trails guide service is provided by PTTK Touristic Service.  Guests can also  buy touristic publications (guides, plans, maps, etc.).

Prices:                                                                                                                Welcome to Toruń!


                                                         Monday - Thursday                                           Friday - Sunday                       

        single room                                 60 PLN /1 person                                          65 PLN/1 person                                               

      double room                           45 PLN/1 person                                           50 PLN/1 person                                             

      3- bed room                                   40 PLN/1person                                            45 PLN/1person                                            

      4- bed room                                   40 PLN/1 person                                           45  PLN/1 person                                                

      5- bed room                                                            35 PLN/1 person                                                

      children under 4 years                                          free ( without their own bed).

      dogs or cats                                                               5 zł ( for every night ).

     luggange storage                                                                   free.

     rent a towels                                                                          free.


Attention: Discount rates for visitors staying for several days, discount rates for groups of visitors.

Translation : P. Hanczewski